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Waste your priest’s time. Every hour of their time you consume is an hour they can’t spend indoctrinating a young person.

Christianity is not a large, powerful global organization; it is a network of countless small, local churches. No one person is powerful enough to free the world from the church's tyranny; but you are mighty enough to overthrow your church. This guide will teach you how.

Despite all of their strengths and advantages, most individual churches teeter on the brink of ruin, shepherded by clergymen on the verge of burnout from their physical, mental, financial, social, and spiritual burdens. Implementing our strategy can send any parish tumbling into a vicious circle of self-destruction when it is subtly applied to the critical few directing the congregation -- smite the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered. Just as no one raindrop causes the flood, the aggregate of many small, non-violent, direct actions on the local level can topple even the mightiest of institutions -- just like how the Tea Party destroyed the United States Government. For maximum effect, you will need some training in general Biblical scholarship, counter-apologetics, and sowing seeds of doubt -- but this information has been made available to you at no cost, because synergy allows people to transcend themselves.