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We’re young loners on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world where clergymen act as though they were above the law. Frustrated by our inability to be there for those who need us, we give our knowledge and skill to whomever needs them the most, because true strength is giving others what they need to become strong.

While much ink has been spilt espousing atheist philosophies and worldviews, and by making various social, moral, logical, rhetorical, and even theological arguments against the continued practice of religion, these only explain why religion must be stopped, but never explaining how it may be done. By making an easy-to-grok repository of the most pertinent information, so anyone can become the operationally-effective subversive they need to free others.

There is no cost associated with this training, other than a few hours of your leisure time; charging for this service would create a barrier to entry, which could dissuade and discourage those who need this service. Donations are suggested, but not required, to help offset the cost of maintaining and running the website, so that this service can continue to be free for all whom need it.

Any site technical issues or errata should be reported to the system operator.