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Within the last twenty years, many books have been written espousing atheist philosophies and worldviews. These books contain various social, moral, logical, rhetorical, and even theological arguments against the continued practice of religion.

This is not one of those guides. This guide is something all-together different. This guide does not explain why religion must be stopped -- it explains how it may be done. This guide outlines a strategy; it explains a method, and provides the tools needed to bring this dream to fruition.

Whatever your reason may be for choosing to undermine your church, it cannot be done in anger. Anger is a positive emotion because it induces change, but anger fades with time. Instead, you must act out of some personal indignation, so your willpower will never be depleted. Besides, believers want to paint non-believers as being angry, embittered misanthropes, because it will create an artificial demand for their products and services. By not conforming to the believer’s desires, their standard approaches for dealing with nonbelievers become useless.

If you haven’t come out of the closet as an atheist/agnostic/anti-theist/non-believer/etc., then it is imperative that you hide this fact until it is safe for you to do so. This guide was created specifically for those who cannot come out as non-believers, so they could undermine the churches which control them. While anyone can use these methods, it will be easier for those who already have an existing rapport.

If you question your safety, then tell no one about this guide; not even your friends. Even those who would never willingly betray you might do so unwillingly -- your secret may slip out by accident, or may be revealed under duress. If it is unsafe for others to know that you are using this guide, then never let others know -- because what they don’t know can’t hurt you.

If your internet usage is being monitored by your parents, guardians, teachers, etc. you need to clear your browser history and temporary files now. Use a public computer (e.g., one at your local public library) to print the site content and/or download the free eBook version of this site for off-line viewing.

  • For electronic copies, change the file name to a bunch of gibberish, and hide it in a system folder among the other dangerous-to-edit files. For best results, rename the file extension to gibberish, so it cannot be opened by any program. Then, change the file name and extension back once you get a chance to read in private.
  • For hard copies, consult one of the many helpful internet guides for hiding things.
    • The box of a disliked board game makes an excellent hiding place.
    • If being found out is a grave concern, then store the hard copies outside of your home. (e.g., by burying it in a durable, waterproof container in the woods, so you can read it while on nature walks.)

We realize that there are people who wish to implement our system, but the risks they face are simply too great to do so. We wish we knew what to tell them; we wish we could give them what they need to become strong. This is why it is imperative that those who are able to implement this system do so -- for the sake of those who cannot.